Welcome the Byte Museum!

                      /  \
                     /|oo \
                    (_|  /_)
                      _`@/_ \    _   
                     |     | \   \\
                     | (*) |  \   ))
                     |__U__| /  \// 
                      _//|| _\   / 

The Byte Museum is a FidoNet Technology node created by Matt Bedynek to provide free services, keep the legacy and technology alive.

For Users

The NNTP reader service can be accessed at news.bytemuseum.org on port 119 (standard) and port 563 (SSL). If you would like post access please send an e-mail to the contact below.

For Sysops

If you are interested in peering with this node please send a request via e-mail or netmail to contact information below. Your request should contain your network address and a password. This system will use packet passwords for every link and links are currently only available via binkp. Note: This node employs complex duplicate checking methods not found elsewhere to protect itself from duplicate and corrupted traffic. Available via IPv6!

Contact Information

FidoNet: 1:19/10
E-mail: sysop@bytemuseum.org.

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